Jason Lemon is a photographer originally from Southwest Michigan who has traveled the planet somewhat extensively but not quite enough to be fully satisfied.  Regardless, his travels have aided him significantly in learning pretty awesome Spanish, some fairly good French and functional Levantine Arabic. His work has been published in several regional and national publications none of which are terribly well known.  He has also had his work displayed in galleries across an incredibly small portion of the Midwest. Nonetheless, his work, as you have seen, is pretty damn good.

Jason endeavors to showcase diversity and narrative in every image he creates.  Some have described his work as exuding a sense of drama, uniting the greater volume of his work into a more cohesive whole.  When seeing him work on set—interacting with models and subjects—it is evident that he has a vision for the final product.

If you would like to hire Jason, view more of his work, or write him hate mail because you despise him or his images, you can feel free to contact him by phone, email, text, or carrier pigeons if you’d prefer.

CLIENTS: Middle East University, UNRWA Lebanon, Farah Asmar, Andrews University, Envision Magazine